guided 4x4 Tours in the Baltic states

It doesn't matter whether you are traveling to Mongolia or Spain, you can travel across the Baltic States on equally interesting routes

About our services

We often find foreign 4×4 vehicles traveling on asphalt, when just a few kilometers away lays a heavenly road for a true off-roader. Contact us and we will professionally take care about your Route, Food, Accommodation, Technical support, Interpreter…You will be accompanied by a 4×4 vehicle with an instructor during all trip. He exactly knows  the most impressive routes and will help to solve all the problems while traveling, for €600 per day .

4×4 Transit trip ( ~400 km, 1-3 days)

Whether you choose to travel east or west on this route, we can meet you at the border and
accompany you to the next border. Instead of boring asphalt, we will spend two or three
days traveling on the most interesting route, only occasionally crossing the asphalt. We will
spend the nights according to your request, in a hotel, country house or simply wild camping.

 Lithuania and western part of Latvia (3-5 days)

The route starts in Vilnius or another designated spot. During the trip, we will visit almost all
Lithuania. We will also take a ferrys across the rivers, try local specialties, homemade cheese and wine,
climb the mounds and according to your wishes, will rest either in hotels, country houses or simply
in the wild. However, we will spend one night on the wild Baltic
Sea beach. Moreover, we will visit the most northern vineyard in Europe, the Cold War museum, a
former Soviet military airport, Russian rocket base ruins and sand caves.

Lithuania and eastern part of Latvia, (3-10 days)

The  route starts in Vilnius or another designated spot. During this trip, we will travel to most wild eastern part of Latvia and region of thousand lakes in Lithuania. According to your wishes, we will rest either in hotels, country houses or in the wild.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia (radial trip ~ 2600km 10-12 days, one way trip ~ 1200 km 6 days)

We will be looking for differences in countries that, at first sight, seem so indistinguishable during a
real geographical expedition. The trip starts and ends in Vilnius or another designated spot. In the
meantime, we will visit two other capitals of The Baltic countries, Riga and Tallinn, as well as the
national parks. Deserted regions and forest paths will make you forget that you are still in Europe.

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