4x4 Tours in Lithuania

Jeep safaris in the outskirts of Vilnius

WELCOME TO LITHUANIAN SAFARI You can choose to travel by your own or safari.lt hire SUV’s

We aim to make our tours a relaxing adventure, accompanied by a support vehicle, we follow the most stunning routes, stay in charming, camping location, and savour the local culture,  and food. Our tours have been carefully designed to take you beyond the guidebook, for a real insight into a country or region, thanks to the experience & knowledge that we have gained through many years of traveling.

Tour Nr. 1  Vilnius -Asveja reg. park – Vilnius  duration 8 h, distance 120 km

Tour Nr. 2  Vilnius – Asveja reg. park – Labanoras – Vilnius  duration 12 h,  distance  200 km

Tour Nr.3 Vilnius – Norviliškės – Vilnius  duration 10 valandų, distance 200 km.

Tour Nr.4 Vilnius – Perelozai – Vilnius duration  9 h, distance  160 km.

Tour Nr.6  Vilnius – Zervynos – Vilnius  duration 12 valandų, distance  240 km.

Tour Nr. 7 Vilnius – Eastern Lithuania( Aukštaitija)  – Vilnius  duration 3 days, distance 400 km. The price is determined after finalizing the itinerary and other details.

Aukštaitija (literal translation would be Highland) is probably the most beautiful part of Lithuania with thousand cleanest lakes and highest hills (max altitude of almost 300m above the sea level). As you travel, you will get the impression that we are driving in unexplored areas covered with forests. We will invite you to try the culinary heritage delicacies or simply cook on the campfire. We will look at the sky through one of Europe’s largest telescopes and if you wish, you will learn how to bake authentic Lithuanian bread. The trip starts and ends in Vilnius.

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Tour Nr. 7 Vilnius – western Lithuania( Žemaitija/Samogitia)  – Vilnius  duration 5 days, distance 700 km. The price is determined after finalizing the itinerary and other details.

Samogitia, the last region to be baptized in Lithuania, has until now preserved the old
traditions. It is also probably the most impressive part of Lithuania. To see that, we will travel
all day along the picturesque valley of Dubysa also visiting the most important religious
centre in Šiluva, monastery in Tytuvėnai, and the biggest railway bridge. Traveling by
unpaved roads and off road, we will see all the most interesting places of Western Lithuania:
the widest mound and the biggest rock, the Cold War museum and, the only in the world,
stone museum, also known as the Lithuanian Stonehenge, and much more.




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